Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Girls' Night Out

You can feel the season changing now. It is getting much stormier and colder and I really feel for those Morrison guys who are on nightshift and who are working in -20.

The sun is also getting lower in the sky and to celebrate the first sunset for 3 months the 5 of us girls on base decided to have a night out on the perimeter. Having secured sufficient supplies we ventured forth to a caboose that would sleep 3 of us whilst the other two would have to rough it and sleep in a tent. As only myself and Julie are not 'winterers' it was decided that we should be the lucky tent dwellers (the winterers have to go on 2 week camping trips as part of their training so they had been there and done that!)

Erecting the tent proved an interesting challenge. Funnily enough the ice was ...... hard ...and it was very difficult getting the tent pegs in. Having huffed and puffed for some time we triumphantly viewed our abode for the night before it was pointed out to us that the ground sheet actually had to go under the tent. I was in the Girl Guides.....a long time ago......I don't recall getting my 'Erecting Tent in Antarctica Whilst Being Sniggered At' badge. I have it now!

So...having erected the tent for a second time it was time for me to start cooking for us all. Pork in Hoisin sauce with a vegetable risotto washed down with copious amount of red wine whilst we watched the first sunset of the new season.

A magical experience.

And an amazingly warm and comfortable night's sleep and an incredible view to wake up to.

Look shops!

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  1. Wow, what an adventure!
    Hope you are not floating away on one of those newly calved huge icebergs!