Sunday, 18 September 2011

Catching Up

Hello Folks

Aplogies for being out of touch for so long....yes, it is winter and I should have loads of time for the blog but I find other things getting in the way all the time. Anyway over the next few days I hope to catch up to where I am now. So let's kick off with midwinter.

This is going to be a work of art
 It is the tradition on the base that each member of staff makes a present for another member of staff . Matching names are drawn out of the hat earlier in the season and we have a couple of months to scavenge what we can find around the base. Then the difficult task of matching our imaginations to the scrap we have found commences.

The finished article

I decided to make a box...not any old box mind but a carefully crafted and embossed box. I embossed the map of Antarctica on the top and on one side an elephant seal (looking suitably manic) and a killer whale on the other.
It’s a tense moment, but one of the best of the winter I reckon: the exchange of midwinter presents. Finally finding out who made what for whom. I love watching everyone’s faces as the fruits of their labours are unveiled. I got so involved in making my present that I’d almost forgotten I would be receiving one as well.

Santa's been!

Not sure what my reaction tells you here!

Proud recipient of 'The Box'

Then after the rigours of the gift exchange it was off to the Coms Room to hear the BBC World Service Midwinter broadcast and then all hands to the pump for the formal Christmas meal. A truly amazing day.

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