Friday, 3 June 2011

The Lowering of the Flag

Today we officially marked the day that the sun did not rise above the horizon. It is the tradition here that the oldest person on the base lowers the flag on the day that this happens and then sometime in July the youngest person on the base will raise it again.

And the oldest person on the base is?!

Everybody gathered at the flag-pole for a short speech from the Base Commander and then I lowered the flag...which turned out to be slightly more complicated than I'd the knots had frozen.

The flag duly lowered we all trudged back to the bar for sunset cocktails and for the raffle of the old flag. Despite putting my name 62 times in the hat I didn't win it...but the guy that did then gifted it to me!

Midday at Rothera


  1. Have just caught up with the blog Lorna, what an interesting field trip.
    Sounds like you're doing fine and not getting any "cabin fever!"
    Have a good midwinter solstice!
    Lin xx

  2. Lorna,this is unbelivable!!!!!I wish I had this amazing experience,Motto!!Hope you will come back to Paros one day and tell me about this....Miss you "Motto"mou!!Filakia