Monday, 20 December 2010

A Night In The Cold

Yes...this looks like a good place to put up the tent!

As a winterer I am expected to know how to survive in this environment - just in case my lovely ensuite room gets blown away in the next storm. We received initial field training giving us the 'basic' skills of crevasse rescue, use of ice axes and crampons and use of pyramid tents, primus stoves and tilly lamps. After a mighty struggle trying to get the tent up in howling winds we got to spend the night out camping at 'Vals' (the local area used for boarding / skiing). It has to be the coldest night I have ever experienced!

Carry On Camping
But the views I woke up to were well worth the night of pain - amazing views over base and out to the mountains of the Antarctic peninsular. It's summer at the moment and currently 24hr daylight which is difficult to get used to as you don't really feel tired!

Elephant Seals
Adelie Penguin
The rest of the day was spent exploring a little more of this amazing place and bumping into the local inhabitants.

Blue Eyed Shag
And I was introduced to Rothera's very own 'pet' skewer. His name is Buba and holds the record of 7 pork sausages at one sitting whilst retaining the ability to take off afterwards! Personally I find him a little menacing especially as he has somehow discovered that I have a connection with food and has taken to following me around.

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  1. Lorna,
    All that "Field Training" will stand you in good stead when you eventually return to Scotland; if the weather here stays like it is now for much longer...!!!!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.