Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tourist For A Day

Apparently the Russians won't fly us out because none of us have had the Swine Flu vaccine! The new Base Doctor, now dressed more appropriately, is engaged in frantic discussions with BAS in Cambridge about what to do next.

As for us we have decided to make the most of our extra day by taking a trip to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. Passing through such places as Llandudo and Scarborough we came upon Cape Point.

As you can see it is a fairly steep walk up to the lighthouse. So I waited until most had set off and then legged it to a little tram that took me almost to the top. As far as I could tell no one noticed! Oh I am so unfit. I am really going to have to get my act together...thoughts of shovelling snow everyday into the melt tank for water...it's going to kill me.

From the top we could see Boulders beach where later some of the guys swam with the penguins (never crossed my mind to bring a swimsuit along with my thermals) and Seal Island which has become famous for the great white sharks that deliberately beach themselves to hunt the Cape Fur Seals.
You will, no doubt, be relieved to know that I did actually walk back down!

And I came across my first penguin! I am a little concerned that the picture seems to indicate that I harassed this penguin into having its picture taken. I would like to say that it was fast asleep and not in the least perturbed.

Then off to Cape Point… do you think I might get a free year’s subscription to Paros Life with this picture?

What a fantastic day rounded off by watching the switching on of the Christmas lights in Cape Town by some big-wig from FIFA…the World Cup Draw takes place on Friday I am reliably informed.

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